Indonesia 2019 CCO  

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May 5th  Please keep this Bali team in your prayers. 1 Week to go!

Our team arrive on Wed April 24, and we will be returning home May 10th.  We have been doing ministry Monday through Friday, whether it be going to the Children's ministry where the base we serve out of teaches them the English language and math, and for some students, they are learning their own language and English so they can read and write in their own tongue. There are also a couple of orphanages we have been to.  There is beach evangelism and prison ministry we have also helped with and of course KP duty.  There is a huge soccer ministry that some of our younger friends on our team participated in.  Missions wouldn't be missions without attacks from the enemy. We have been ill and, a lot of changes, wait times, and lots of car trouble with the rental vans.  Please check out the photos below, and in the gallery.,  

Tonight, Sunday night May 5th, yet another tire problem(3rd to date).  This time the tire just flew off, same van and side that Don had a flat.  No one was hurt.  Just, it wouldn't be a mission trip if Satan didn't stall us. But God had plans, and this didn't happen during our long trip yesterday toward a mountain(5 hours total travel-pm day off), nor during ministry, it happen on the way to eat.  No one was hurt, and we praised the Lord all the way back to hotel with a different van.  Only a small group of 7 of us in one van went out.  Jacqueline was driving, Abel was with us, thank God. CRAZY!!!!

That is Abel trying to raise van enough to at least get tire on to move van out of busy street, to no avail. The leasing agency came and ended up giving us the van they came in.  Thank God.

Group in front of Women's side of a prison for prison ministry.  We only got 30 minutes with the girls, but we were assigned one gal, we knew her name and why she was in.  We brought 1 minute women devotional and toiletries for them. They were blessed and so were we. It was a sweet time getting to know them and love on them like family. They seem to be well taken care of there at this place, and it was clean and very well organized.